Investment Strategies

Conscious Capital

Global Income

with Alternative Assets

An income strategy, systematically allocating to thousands of opportunities across global fixed income, with lower allocations to equities and commodities. 

Available with ESG considerations.

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Our goal is to generate income, as well as preserve the purchasing power of investor’s capital through a diversified mix of fixed income, equities, and liquid alternative asset class exposures, including private credit, real estate investment trusts and commodities. This strategy can become hedged or tactically short to a limit.

We aim to beat our benchmarks on a risk-adjusted basis over 7-10 year rolling windows.  This strategy benchmarks against Bloomberg U.S. Aggregate Bond Index.



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Our Investable Universe

Treasuries & Agencies

U.S. Treasury Bills

U.S. Treasury Notes

U.S. Treasury Bonds

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities

Mortgage-Backed Securities

Corporate Credit

Investment Grade

High Yield


Tech & Telecom

Consumer Cyclicals

Consumer Non-Cyclicals


Financial & REIT

Health Care


Non-U.S. Fixed Income

Developed Market Government

Developed Market Corporate

Emerging Market Government (USD)

Emerging Market Government (Local)

Emerging Market Corporate

Fixed Income Alternatives

Dividend Equities

Option Strategies

Arbitrage Strategies

Private Capital

Real Estate



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