Investing Framework

Our building blocks for alpha.

Our investment solutions are grounded in a robust philosophy and framework that guides our decision-making process. Utilizing proprietary tools and methodologies, our approach focuses on three key areas - security selection, portfolio allocation, and trading.

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Security Selection

What goes in the portfolio?

Security selection is a crucial aspect of the investment process, as it involves the careful and thorough evaluation of potential investments to identify those that belong within the portfolio. 

Portfolio Construction

How much in each position?

Portfolio construction is the process of assembling a collection of investments that aligns with an investor's goals, risk tolerance, and investment time horizon. It is a crucial step in the investment process as it helps investors diversify their investments, and strike a balance between risk and reward. 

Trading and Implementation

How and when will we buy and sell our positions?

Trading and tactical allocations are important tools for potential return generation, as they can allow investors to take advantage of market opportunities and adjust their portfolios as conditions change. Our trading rules and short-term technical indicators can help investors capitalize on opportunities created by market dislocations. 


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