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An active, research-driven investment manager.

We are a California-based registered investment advisor adhering to a fiduciary standard and seeking alpha through our security selection and asset allocation decisions. Our focus is on understanding what factors or attributes make certain investments more likely to outperform than others, and how to allocate to them in an optimal fashion.

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Our active strategies combine institutional-quality thought leadership with a modern technology infrastructure.

Read our dedicated investment research and viewpoints on global financial markets, geopolitical developments and industry trends.

Although our focus is on portfolio management, we also offer financial analysis and advice for a fee.


Institutional and individual investors.

Conscious Capital offers asset management and portfolio construction services to institutions, such as corporate entities, non-profit entities, other investment advisors, as well as individuals with over $250,000 of liquid investable assets. Our clients include individual entrepreneurs, businesses and non-profit foundations.

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