About Us

Liquid alternative strategies since 2019.

Conscious Capital Advisors is a registered investment advisor headquartered in California that provides high-quality globally diversified hedge fund strategies and advisory services to sophisticated investors, global institutions, and family offices at an accessible price point. 



Who We Are

A quantitative portfolio manager creating better, accessible hedge fund strategies.

Conscious Capital Advisors is an independent, minority-owned active investment manager that seeks to generate alpha through security selection, asset allocation, and thoughtful implementation. We are a research-driven company, leveraging proprietary analytics and methodologies to create outperformance over comparable benchmarks in the long run.

What We Believe

Without our word, nothing else matters.

Our firm has adopted the CFA® Asset Manager Code as the Company’s Code of Ethics. This is a voluntary code put forth by the CFA® Institute to support asset managers in practicing ethical principles that put client interests first, and covers six broad categories: (1) loyalty to clients, (2) investment process and actions, (3) trading, (4) risk management, compliance, and support, (5) performance reporting and valuation, and (6) disclosures.

Conscious Capital Advisors claims compliance with the CFA® Institute Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct. This claim has not been verified by CFA® Institute. 

What We Offer

Managed investment portfolios.

Our actively managed, liquid investment strategies are offered to accredited investors using separately managed accounts at Charles Schwab. 

Research and perspectives.

We provide insights on financial markets, geopolitical developments, and global economic trends; additional clarity around the portfolios we manage

Tailored advice.

We offer highly customized financial planning, analysis, and investment strategy design services to institutions and family offices for a fee. We are not compensated based off transactions or affiliate relationships.


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