Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is distinguished by four key beliefs and practices:

Active management can add value.

We believe in active management and that through the combination of security selection and asset allocation, we can add value to a client's portfolio over a passive, index-based strategic asset allocation. Our intention is to outperform a static benchmark allocation over a full market cycle of seven (7) to ten (10) years.

Sustainable companies are better investments.

Conscious Capital Advisors is an investment advisory that believes in harnessing capital markets for the betterment of society. Our main belief is that if a company's relationship between its owners, employees and customers are balanced, above-average profits can be realized and major tail risks can be avoided. For this reason, we consider ESG metrics.

Risk management is as important as alpha generation.

We utilize rigorous amounts of quantitative research and risk analytics in our investment decision-making process. We understand the decisions entrusted to us should not be made lightly, so we seek to mitigate both volatility and capital impairment risks before making a commitment on behalf of our clients.

Aim for a goal greater than yourself.

Conscious Capital Advisors seeks to remain grounded in the original value-added function of the financial industry - matching those who have a surplus of capital with those who have a surplus of ideas, experience and energy.

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