About Us

Joseph Lu, CFA


Excellence in investment management.

Conscious Capital Advisors is a privately-held, independent registered investment advisor providing portfolio management and financial analysis services to individuals and institutions seeking to invest in sustainable assets for the long term.

The company was founded in 2019 by Joseph Lu, CFA®, a portfolio manager and quantitative analyst with over a decade of experience in the asset management industry.


Without our word, nothing else matters.

We have adopted the CFA® Asset Manager Code as the Company’s Code of Ethics. This is a voluntary code put forth by the CFA® Institute to support asset managers in practicing ethical principles that put client interests first, and covers six broad categories: (1) loyalty to clients, (2) investment process and actions, (3) trading, (4) risk management, compliance, and support, (5) performance reporting and valuation, and (6) disclosures.

Conscious Capital Advisors claims compliance with the CFA® Institute Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct. This claim has not been verified by CFA® Institute.


Changing the perception on capitalism.

Our vision is to embody a form of capitalism that works for everyone. This can be accomplished by adopting a mindset that looks at both profits and people. We believe that business is primarily about relationships, not money.

Conscious Capital Advisors itself strives to remain grounded in the original value-added function of the financial industry; matching those who have surplus capital with those who have ideas, experience and energy to create a win-win.

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